Thursday 3 July 2014

About our Institution

GVHSS KUNJATHUR is a Government Vocational Higher Secondary School which is situated at the northernmost end of Kerala State. Established on 1908, it is a bilingual school situated in the border area of Kerala and Karnataka states. About 900 pupils are studying here at present.
History of the school
Esablished in 1908, the School fuctioned as Kanwatheertha Elementary school till 1917. In 1918, the School was renamed as "Kunjathur Board Elementary School".In 1958 it was upgraded as "Kunjathur UP School"and in 1974-75 as "Kunjathur High School".From 01/06/1981 LP Section was seperated. Vocational Higher Secondary section was started on 30-10-1991.Upto 1987 only Kannada medium was there. Thereafter Malayalam section was commencedalong with Kannada medium.

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